while i was crafting this calendar, deciding which properties and figures to showcase, it made me think about how black history is both portrayed and archived digitally. in a world where primary information is first sought through Google, it made me wonder how Black life and pursuits are summarized. which emotions and events are being captured and shared? who decides their significance? and how do these digital portraits shape our understanding of what it means, or meant, to be Black?

this calendar is a celebration of Black life, but also of Black pain, Black joy, and Black devotion. i focused on Tallahassee because it's my second hometown. it's the city that raised me; challenged me; and shaped me into the woman i am today.

i dedicate this calendar -- my first digital art project -- to my family, whom i'm forever inspired by and thankful for. thank you for reading this and checking out my art.

made with by shelby green